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James Tolich is an established portrait and fashion photographer. He grew up in New Zealand, the son of a farmer, then moved to Sydney in search of greener pastures. He was captivated by the process of capturing a picture from young—including all elements—from travelling to a location, treating each job as a mission, sourcing the best equipment to work with and finally but most importantly, connecting with the subject he would photograph. Portraits are his greatest interest, and capturing raw, organic and hyperreal moments founded his interest. 

James’ signature style is uncompromising in quality. This he credits to working as a dedicated professional photographer for over a decade.

James holds a solid admiration for the building blocks of a great brand. From traditional branding to brands that put their stamp on industry, he sees a well-made brand as being able to define a generation or a movement. He credits viewing the Barbican Identity guidelines early on in his career as influencing his perspective. 

Inclusive of the typography, symmetry and placement of images, it is as James says… 

“The beauty, the order, the consideration and the culmination of vision for a company so that every time you meet it you meet this point of consistency.”

And this perspective carries through his work. His lighting technique includes working with textures, shadows and focus. He plays with geometry, shape and the space between viewer and subject. 

While pictures have a 2D format, James’ lens is spherical. And no image he produces is without his careful eye to detail and design. 

What is it like to work with James Tolich? 

He has a knack for nuance and reverence for the process. He is trusted and works directly with clients throughout an organic process. Ultimately, when working with James you’ll find him to be very practical with a contagious confidence.

When you speak with James, it is clear that every aspect of his photographic career is marked by the people he has worked with, and the people he has shot/photographed. He’s been influenced by trusted friends he’s sought counsel from, teachers at university, those he has interviewed and those he has worked alongside, as well as colleagues and family. 

His wife Georgina has been instrumental in the set up of his career, from the creative and commercial direction, to foundational backing, motivating, and igniting him to go to the next level. She is the catalyst for his expansive body of work.

James and Georgina are based in Northern NSW, where they raise their family. James travels widely for editorial, film projects and commissions.